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When you have little ones, you know that every moment of
rest is priceless. myHummy Sleeping Aids are here to help
you and your baby sleep well every night.

Our Sleepies are made of super soft textiles and contains our fabulous Humming Heart that generates white noise.
The most portable of myHummy, it can be easily attached to cots, car seats or baby strollers.

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myHummy Sleeping Aid Sleepy Blue, face and back.

The Humming Heart lives discreetly in a zipped pocket inside the Sleepy.
You don’t have to remove it to adjust the settings, everything can be adjusted by simply clicking the button!

myHummy Sleeping Aid Sleepy Ecru hung on a crib in which a baby is laying.

myHummy soothes your baby’s sleep
with 5 types of white noise:

  • womb sound with heartbeat
  • vacuum cleaner
  • hairdryer
  • sea waves
  • rainfall

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Every myHummy Sleeping Aid…

  • is made of EU-certified materials
  • is safe for your baby from day one
  • has quick activation and volume control
  • is machine-washable (up to 40°C)
  • requires 3 AAA batteries

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Baby asleep in its bed with a myHummy Sleeping Aid Ecru hung on the bed borders.

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