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Baby asleep on a myHummy blanket ecru next to myHummy Sleeping Aid Hummy Princess.

myHummy Sleeping Aid soothes your
baby’s sleep with 5 types of white noise:

  • womb noise with heartbeat
  • vacuum cleaner
  • hairdryer
  • sea waves
  • rainfall

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Every myHummy Sleeping Aid…

  • is made of EU-certified materials
  • is safe for your baby from day one
  • has quick activation and volume control
  • is machine-washable (up to 40°C)
  • requires 3 AAA batteries

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Baby with myHummy mint socks sleeping next to myHummy Sleeping Aid Hummy Boy.

The new myHummy mobile app

Four phones screens displaying power on, timer, white noise's selection and nanny mode of the myHummy App.

The myHummy mobile app acts as a remote control for Bluetooth-enabled myHummy products.
It enables a fast and intuitive selection of all settings of the Humming Heart straight from your phone.

The app also allows you to check the level of remaining battery power in the Humming Heart.

  • Google Play
  • App Store

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